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RenWar Enterprises Ltd. was established in July 2010, its a limited liability company charting its way into the service industry of Trinidad and Tobago’s Industrial, Utilities and Commercial sectors. RenWar Enterprises Ltd. is committed to providing its clients with pragmatic solutions to their most complex challenges, while creating unmatched value.

There are No Shortcuts to Wealth Honestly Made"

RenWar Enterprises Ltd. offers services of superior quality and value in engineering, procurement, project management, construction, facility management and maintenance in addition to other consulting services. These services are offered by three subsidiary companies of RenWar Enterprises Limited:
  • RenWar General Contractors Limited
  • RenWar Green Leaf  Development and Maintenance Limited
  • RenWar Facility Management and Consultancy Limited
Center of Excellence
  • Consultancy and management of facilities and landscaping to 11 sectors.
  • Demolition works for hotel expansion.
  • Emergency works to washrooms, Andre Kamperveen Hall, Indoor Facility building.
  • Fire assessment and consultancy for indoor facility.
  • Engineering design and modification of Marvin Lee Stadium: upgrade.
Sweet Nothings Limited
  • Complete upgrades to on 1st floor, Trincity Mall.
  • Electrical upgrades to mains: Port of Spain and Trinity locations.
  • Project Management of main Field (football and cricket pitch): Ranked #3 in the region.
  • Project management of rubberized external basketball court.
  •  Early Childhood Facility: internal play area and exterior playground.
Kantac Villas
  • Re-sheeting of car parks East and West.
Kanatac Plaza
  • Electrical works on restaurant, upgrades and ceiling replacement project.
  • Electrical and Instrumental works for fire & water pumps on all compounds.
RenWar Enterprises Ltd. recognizes the responsibility placed on all firms able and willing to ensure good governance and to uphold relevant legislation and regulation that impact on its activities, products and services. We stand strong in our ability to conform to ISO 9001:2008, allowing for an attempt at meeting 100% customer satisfaction, while reducing significantly, any possible customer defect process. RenWar Enterprises Ltd. recognizes that the responsibility for proper health and safety for all requires the effective management, flexibility, periodic review and adjustment to policy guidelines, to ensure that employees, sub-contractors and clients are protected in a dynamic environment. RenWar Enterprises Ltd. will comply with all legal regulatory requirements, as well as generally acceptable standard work practices and procedures, for the protection and promotion of the Health and Safety of those who can and will be affected by the company’s activities, and shall strictly adhere to all Health and Safety on-site standards (OSH Act. No.1 of 2004 amended 2006 and OSHA 18000) and job work rules and practices. Our employees will work conscientiously and diligently to ensure that the Health and Safety policy of maintaining the highest standards of occupational safety, to prevent injury and losses, resulting from any unsafe practices or lack of environmental protection, as per ISO 14000, are adhered to.
Our Mission
To emerge as the national and regional leading resource-based organization, embracing opportunities for growth, and fostering the highest level of efficiency, competency and professionalism through synergies.
Our Vision
To surpass the quality, reliability and performance of all service providers, while maintaining a professional, people-centered organization that exceeds all customer expectations and which provides an enriching and rewarding environment for employees.
Our Philosophy
"There are No Shortcuts to Wealth Honestly Made"

We offer a wide variety of services to suit your business and personal needs...

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Rennie Warner

Rennie Warner // CEO & Founder

Managing Director at RenWar General Construction Maintenance & Consulting Limited, Chief Executive Officer at, Chairman/Founder at LIFE House Foundation...

Dexter Joseph

Dexter Joseph // Managing Director


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