SDA Church- San Fernando: Upgrades

IMG_00000562       IMG_00000563

IMG_00000564       IMG_00000567

IMG_00000552       IMG_00000549


1st set Directional Tuff Curbs – Piarco Intersection


 Kelly Village Project: Apartment Building Construction

IMG_00000134                IMG_00000133

IMG_00000127                IMG_00000099

IMG_00000098                IMG-20130412-01212.jpg.rem


 University of Southern Caribbean (South Campus): Renovations to Primary School

IMG_00000240    IMG_00000194

IMG_00000232                 IMG_00000195

IMG_00000235                 IMG_00000199       IMG_00000197


IMG_00000236           IMG_00000229

IMG_00000243           IMG_00000219


 RenWar Enterprises: New Office Construction

IMG_00000334                 IMG_00000335    IMG_00000306


IMG_00000309  IMG_00000312     IMG_00000311


IMG_00000307      IMG_00000123    IMG_00000121

IMG_00000148              IMG_00000120    IMG_00000119


 Roystonia, Chaguanas Ongoing Construction: Perimeter Fence Wall

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IMG_00000346        IMG_00000345

IMG_00000344    IMG_00000341

IMG_00000339    IMG_00000338